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Insurance is the only contiguous “product” we buy, and use, each and every day, from the day we are born until the day we die.

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We can make your insurance work for you, not the other way around!  Chances are, you have had some form of insurance in place since the day you were added to your parent’s health plan at birth. Since then you may have had many additional types of coverages; dental, vision, employer, Millitary, home, auto, life, accident, Medicare… And the list goes on. But isn’t it time you found out if you are getting the most out of what you are paying in? And wouldn’t it be even better if there was a way you could arrange to have your insurance pay you instead of the other way around?

Talk to us today! We can answer those questions and make those goals a reality.

Protect your Future and Theirs

Business And Group Insurance Exactingly Tailored to Your Needs

Everyone wants to be that guy! 

We can help you get there.

  • Group Health, Dental & Vision Plans
  • Life / Disability / Suplemental Income
  • Medical Expense Reimbursement Plans
  • HSA / HRS
  • Key Person, Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Section 162 Plans
  • SAGE College Tuition Rewards Program

Groups Are Our Specialty

Be the Hero They Need You To Be. We Have the Tools You Need To Get There.

SAGE Scholars Rewards Points

How Would A Free Year of College Tuition Sound To Your Employees?

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Private Schools


Small Businesses


Sole Prop’s

Medical Professionals & Groups

Legal Professionals & Groups

General Contractors

Landscape Contractors

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Let the Insurance Companies Pick Up Your Tab for Once

This is the absolute, number one, ultimate reason why you should have an insurance agent, but the insurance companies never tell you about this. Regardless of who you choose to buy your insurance from, directly from the insurance company or from an independent agency like ours, the cost to you will be the same. The only difference is the HOURS of time you will need to spend learning “insurance speak”… and comparing coverage options… and comparing premiums… and talking to each of your doctors to see if they accept the insurance… and figuring out which hospitals accept the insurance… and comparing added benefits and… Well, there are a lot of and’s. The fact is, when we do the work for you, it will not cost you a penny extra, but we do it like it’s our job… and we do it well!

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Consultations will never cost you anything. Isn’t it worth it just to find out if your coverage is up to par?

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It costs you nothing to find out if we can save you money or even to explore new options.

Better Coverage

Chances are we can improve on your current policies. Let us find options you never knew you had access to before. Insurance is who we are, what we do, …and we do it well!

Lower Premium

Chances are we can also find you lower premiums. Better coverage and lower cost. That’s why you should have an insurance advisor. We hope you’ll choose Aggregate Advisors!


Our Cornerstone, Our Commitment.

Medicare started it all. Back before there was an Aggregate Advisors, Eric Bahr was in a similar, but different, line of business. And Eric had many wonderful clients. Some of Eric’s many wonderful clients had questions about Medicare. Questions Eric couldn’t answer – he hated that – still does. So, Eric decided to find someone in New Hampshire who could answer his clients’ Medicare questions to Eric’s satisfaction. Eric searched… and he searched… and he searched… and he searched. And finally, Eric realized his search was pointless – there was no one in New Hampshire who could answer Medicare questions to Eric’s own, exacting standards. Thus Aggregate was born.

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