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Non-Work Injuries in 2016 (per thousand people)


Of Americans Think They Need Life Insurance

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From 1 to 1,000 we have solutions to fit every need. We work with all of the most popular major carriers in New Hampshire, and then some you’ve probably never even heard of, all to provide you with the most flexible range of options available. Whatever your need –  individual, family, group, business, Medicare – we will tailor a solution to your unique needs.


From cradle to grave everyone should have health insurance.

  • Business and Group Health Insurance
    • Health Insurance is the backbone of any employee benefits program.
    • Attract & Retain Valued employees
    • We find better coverage
    • We find lower premiums
    • We find more added benefits
  • Individuals 
    • Single Person
    • Family
    • We work with you to find the lowest premium and highest subsidies, even if you think you can’t afford it.
    • Avoid Tax Penalties
    • On or Off Exchange

What would they do without you?

It is an honest question that all too often goes unanswered. In today’s world, most families rely on dual incomes, and even then there is usually only two to three months worth of savings in the bank. Plus, if you are a Business owner, you have two families to think about; your loved ones at home and your employee family at work. Life Insurance is more important than ever. And it costs less than you think!

  • An Individual Life policy starts at about as much per day as a Mocha Latte.
  • Group Life is a relatively inexpensive benefit to offer your employees yet it can help attract and retain qualified individuals.
  • Use the calculators and planners below to figure out how much insurance you may need and then contact us!

Do you have a life outside of work?

If you answered “yes”, then you should have some form of disability insurance. If you work it’s most likely because you need the income. But what if you get hurt and can’t work? Most people incorrecly expect that “Worker’s Compensation” or “SSDI” will pick up the bill – but that is generally not the case. Unless you are actually injured on the job, although (as the statistics included above confirm) the vast majority of people aren’t, Worker’s Compensation will not apply to you. Plus, State Disability requirements are so stringent that most people do not qualify, or the waiting time to qualify generally outruns personal savings.

  • Disability Insurance is not as expensive as you think.
  • Group Disability is a great way to attract and retain valued employees.
  • Disability Insurance for Business Owners can protect your Company and your Family should you become unable to work.
  • For all the reasons you can think of to have Disability Insurance, it’s the reasons that you can’t think of that you should really have it.
  • Use the Planner at the bottom of the page to learn more about Disability Insurance and watch some real life videos about situations where it made all the difference. Then contact us.
Long Term Care

Over 70% of Us Will Require Long Term Care

At some point in our lives we can all expect some kind of accident, or illness, leading to an extended period of recovery or the need for ongoing specialized care. For many, this will occur in our golden years when we may no longer be able to care for ourselves, or our loved ones. Medicare does not cover Long Term Care and the costs can be staggering. Without Long Term Care Insurance even the best planned retirement savings can be wiped out. We offer traditional policies and some wonderful hybrid insurance options that not only ease the burden of worry regarding the cost of extended care but additionally serve as attractive wealth management oportunities. 


Medical Expense Reimbursement Plans,

Health Savings Acounts,

Health Reimbursement Arrangement

Offering consumer-directed benefits plans, such as a Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan, Health Reimbursement Arrangement, or Health Savings Account, are great tools for both you and your employees to save money, and for your employees to prepare for potential medical expenses. For employers, offering MERPs, HRAs or HSAs comes with perks, including tax savings and increased employee retention.

  • HSA (Health Savings Account) – A tax-deductible savings account for medical expenses only. Contributions can be made by the plan subscriber or by an employer.
  • HRA (Health Reimbursement Arrangement) – An agreement where an employer reimburses an employee for qualified medical expenses not covered on a company’s standard insurance plan.
  • MERP (Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan) – An arrangement where an employer pays providers directly for qualified medical expenses not covered on a company’s insurance plan.
  • The Group Health environment is more confusing now than ever, that’s why it’s important to have the most qualified insurance professionals working on your behalf. We hope you’ll give us the chance to show you how much of a difference Aggregate Advisors can make to you, your employees and your bottom line.
Business Continuity: Key Person, Buy/Sell Agreements...

How Will Your Business Survive?

If you are a business owner you already understand the pressure of needing to provide for two families – your home family and your business family. But have you taken the right steps? If you, or an important member of your business team, were suddenly gone, or unable to work, how would your two families survive? Having the right kind of Insurance in place can relieve the burden of worry and, in some cases, even serve as reliable wealth management techniques to provide defferred compensation benefits upon retirement. Talk to us about innovative ways to insure:

  • Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Disability Buy-Out Agreements
  • Business Overhead Insurance
  • Key Person Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Defferred Compensation Plans
  • Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans
  • Split-Dollar Plans
  • Section 162 Plans
  • Suplemental Disability Insurance
Dental / Vision

Dental and Vision Insurance hardly need any explanation. But what they do need is an explanation of why you should have them. Most people today only have Dental or Vision is their employers include it in their group plans. If you are one of those employers kudos to you! You recognize the value of attracting and retaining the best employees possible. And you are extra business savvy – realizing that the group expense is negligible when compared to the cost of higher turnover and generalized empolyee dissatisfaction. If you are not fortunate enough to have Group Vision and Dental, you should talk to us! There are some very affordable plans that can reduce the costs you would normally pay for Dental and Vision Care Services, especially if you are purchasing for a family group. Contact us today and ask about our great Dental and Vision Insurance Plan offerings.

SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards® Program

Exclusive To Aggregate Advisors in NH

Earn guaranteed scholarships – up to one full year’s tuition – at nearly 400 participating private colleges and universities through the SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards® Program. Each Tuition Reward point is equal to a $1.00 guaranteed minimum discount off of tuition at any of the member colleges. The maximum scholarship varies by college, but currently is over $50,000! 

This program is available to any of our clients – individuals, families, groups and businesses. As of today, we believe we are the only firm in New Hampshire offering this amazing benefit to our clients. And, while this may sound too good to be true it isn’t, we provide this program to our clients for free. Plus, if you are a Business Owner or Group Administrator, you can offer the SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards® Program to your employees, as an added benefit, for absolutely no cost to you or them!


At-Work Injuries in 2016 (per thousand people)


Of Americans Do Not Carry Life Insurance


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